Thursday, February 21, 2008

Toni Braxton Un-Breaks Her Heart

 Toni Braxton stopped by The Morning Show (click here to watch online) with Mike and Juliet, while she was in New York for the American Heart Association/ Go Red/Campbell's Red Dress to educate America on the # 1 killer of women in America. Yes ladies heart disease is the # 1 killer of women in America and a large killer of men as well in America. 

Lastly since it is still February, let me say Happy Black History Month!

Black history fact: Lemuel Haynes, Revolutionary War Veteran and the first Black minister to serve for a white congregation, became the first Black person to receive an honorary degree (Master of Arts) from a white college (Middlebury College) on this date: February 21st. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bette Midler upset with Toni Braxton's Flamingo Wrap

Bette Midler who has taken residence at the Caesars Palace in Vegas seems to have taken issue with Toni Braxton's giant building-wrap mural across the street at the Flamingo for her show Toni Braxton Revealed. According to Bette Midler Toni "doesn't deserve that." She also went on to joke about the situation by asking "who gets the room between her legs? That's what I want to know. Thank you Travelocity!" Bette Midler (I can't name one of her songs, so in my opinion she) doesn't deserve a place at Caesars. FYI Toni is the first African American headliner in Vegas to have a top ten headlining show. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Toni Braxton

 Toni Braxton who is gearing up for her June 08 album release (which means April 09 in Toni's world) is set to (record a?) duet with Big Brother UK's Celebrity Hijack singer Nathan (Check out his Myspace page here: pretty cool sounding dude) Toni described the direction of her new album as "Old School Toni" and said there won't be any dance tracks or hip hop songs. I do however hope she does at least one or two up-tempo tracks, like she has always done from day 1. Just no hip hop or rappers, (save that for the remix) 

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Toni Braxton on The View image caps

As you all know, Toni was on The View. She showed some pics of her beautiful children (Denim & Diezel) and I couldn't resist just sharing with you all!

Diezel (4) is the youngest with the curly hair, Denim (6) is the oldest with the short hair. 

Friday, February 1, 2008

Toni on the View (video)

Toni stops by The View

Toni and hubby Keri were spotted leaving their NYC hotel. Toni was in NY to promote Go Red for Campbell's to fight against Heart Disease, the # 1 killer of women in America. Toni was diagnosed with heart disease in 2003. She also stopped by ABC's The View. Glad to see them going 7 years strong! 

A little View recap for those who missed: 

Toni Braxton appeared on the show. She was diagnosed with heart disease and wants to raise awareness about how the disease affects women. She wore a dress that said, “Mmm Mmm Good” all over it because she is partnered with Campbell’s Soup. Sherri asked if they made it in a size 16. Whoopi said even if they do, maybe she shouldn’t be wearing it. To learn more about heart disease, you can go to Go Red With Campbells.

Toni’s son Diezel, who has autism, is talking in little short sentences now. His brother Denim, age 6, knows his brother is different and is good with him. She dealt with Denim’s temper tantrums the way Joy did, leaving him to work it out, while watching him from around the corner.

She had a breast cancer scare, but does not have breast cancer, despite rumors to that affect. She said that because of her form of heart disease, as well as her high blood pressure, she has to exercise and watch what she eats, as well as take medication.

Toni was in a movie called Kingdom Come with Whoopi. She said that Whoopi was great and bought her chicken and waffles. It was Toni’s first movie. Toni is in the studio now and has a new album coming out in June. It will be “old-school.” She is currently in Las Vegas with her show Toni Braxton Revealed doing a showgirl act.

Toni Braxton in NYC for Go Red

Toni Braxton

My girl Toni Braxton flew from Vegas to my hometown NYC to promote the Go Red in a Campbell dress (people were allowed to vote and as you can see, the best dress didn't win, but Toni can pull anything off!) She also stopped by ABC's The View to talk about the Go Red to fight against the #1 killer of American Woman (Heart Disease) Toni was diagnosed with Heart Disease in 2003 after the birth of her son Diezel. On the view she mentioned that her new cd will be out in June and that there will be no dance songs, just classic Toni Braxton, old school. Toni just extended her run at the Flamingo until August of 08' She is really enjoying the 30 million dollar check. She looks good, and glad to see her and Keri are still going strong!