Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bette Midler upset with Toni Braxton's Flamingo Wrap

Bette Midler who has taken residence at the Caesars Palace in Vegas seems to have taken issue with Toni Braxton's giant building-wrap mural across the street at the Flamingo for her show Toni Braxton Revealed. According to Bette Midler Toni "doesn't deserve that." She also went on to joke about the situation by asking "who gets the room between her legs? That's what I want to know. Thank you Travelocity!" Bette Midler (I can't name one of her songs, so in my opinion she) doesn't deserve a place at Caesars. FYI Toni is the first African American headliner in Vegas to have a top ten headlining show. 

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