Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Toni Braxton on Tyra Banks Show

Toni Braxton will be on the Trya Banks Show, Wednesday April 23rd: Here are the details! 

Malibu on the Move -- Tyra takes the talk show where no other show has gone before when she hits road and spends the hour driving around the streets of New York City in a Chevy Malibu and along the way, picks up three women who could use a lift of their own after tirelessly giving to their communities. But first, Tyra picks up Grammy-winner Toni Braxton to talk about her Las Vegas show, her driving short-comings and how she got involved with "Autism Speaks" after her son was diagnosed with the disease. The singing superstar even plays a game of "Car-a-oke" with Tyra. 

watch clip here

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