Friday, January 30, 2009

Toni Braxton Enlists Babyface and Tank For New Album

(Singersroom) Toni Braxton is readying a serious comeback after having a stellar 2008.

Braxton, who is currently on the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ tour, is plotting a ‘rebirth’ of sorts with a new deal at Atlantic Records after severing ties with Blackground Records.

Currently titled “Pulse,” Braxton’s sixth studio album is linked to a 'who’s who' of producers and songwriters including Rodney Jerkins, Claude Kelly,  and the Underdogs.

Braxton is, in fact, so focused on this effort that she’s even recruited former label mate Tank (who also made Part 1 of our 2009 list) and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds to put their special touch on a record or two.

Read more from here at Singersroom. 


Cori Anson said...

This album is going to be great!!!!

Tonisloverboy said...

I can't wait! And I hope it does really well, and not like Brandy.

Anonymous said...

I hope she get's the promotion and marketing she deserves. I AM SOOOOOOOOO TIRED OF WATERED R&B ON THE AIRWAVES WITH ARTISTS MIMICKING OUR SOUND AND SELLING MILLIONS, WHILE THOSE WHO ACTUALLY HAVE THE TALENT ARE NOT SEEING THE PROMOTION AND MEDIA COVERAGE THEY DESERVE. I clicked on the singersroom link, it is refreshing to see so many of my favorite artists returning. I hope it is a rebirth of what the standard of R&B should be and all the imitators can go sit their asses down somewhere!!!!!!!!!!

Tonisloverboy said...

Very true. Real R&B and real singers. I hope they start selling again. It's a shame that crap music sells off the shelves and good quality R&B just sits there collecting dust. Silly teenagers lol.