Saturday, March 14, 2009

Passed-Over Pops Hit (Continued)

Toni Braxton vs. Celine Dion

AOL did a recent Ten Passed-Over Pop hits, so I figured I'd add two big tunes they cleverly missed (one, which happens to be bigger than all of the songs on that little ole' list of theirs).

Most Toni fans know this already but just in case you didn't:

Un- Break My Heart (From Celine Dion to Toni Braxton) / Because You Loved Me (From Toni Braxton to Celine Dion)

It's hard to believe that Toni Braxton's signature hit Un-Break My Heart was written by Diane Warren for Celine Dion. Thankfully the Canadian singer passed it up. When 3X Grammy winner (now 6X Grammy Award Winner) Toni Braxton heard the song, she fell in love with it, and the rest is history. Actually it made history. Spending 11 weeks at #1, Un-Break My Heart holds the record for the 2nd biggest single of all times from a female artist and is Braxton's biggest hit to date!

On the other hand Because You Loved Me became a huge hit for Dion and although not her biggest hit, the 5X Grammy Award singer enjoyed 6 weeks at # 1 with this David Foster produced hit.

Toni Braxton is currently putting the finishing touches on her album and her official website should be loading soon. In the meantime you can sign up @ for updates on her upcoming release.


Anonymous said...

i am glad toni chose unbreak my heart
however, i wish she did them both
by the way did she record because you loved me
if she did i would love to her it

Tonisloverboy said...

They probably just heard the demos and passed up on the demos. But I agree, I am sure Toni would have sounded amazing on both. But UBMH fits Secrets way better and isn't as "Lifetime Special" lol.

Dzemil said...

actually the song was offered to whitney as well, but clive decided that it would be better for toni ;)

i always tought it was Beause You Loved Me/Spanish Guitar. Atleast Toni said that during The Heat era. She must have forgotten and mixed it up with UBMH.

Tonisloverboy said...

HAHA. I do remember something about Spanish Guitar but I also remember her saying UBMH a while back as well. Maybe both were for Celine?

Tonisloverboy said...

I never knew it was for Whitney. I think Whitney would have done better than Celine because Whitney can get pretty low too. But no one does the low notes like Toni. Holla!

The_Highlander said...

No one wud have made UBMH the kinda hit that it became other than Toni...

None of these so called Divas who over performs and screams in every song in their album wud have done UBMH justice...