Thursday, September 10, 2009

Toni Braxton - So Yesterday? (Not Anymore!)

The long awaited first single from Toni Braxton's upcoming album via Atlantic Records is rumored to be dropping any day now... According to a tweet by DJ Frank E (FloRida, Piles, TI) the song is titled "Yesterday."

Heading to mastering of the new TONI BRAXTON single!!! Song should be out the door and in your ears by tonight!!!

NEW MUSIC ALERT!!! Toni Braxton "Yesterday." First single off her new album with Atlantic Records. Produced by DJ Frank E.

The R&B star is set to appear at this years Divas Live on VH1. Stay tuned for more details... Follow Toni Braxton's official twitter here.


Gabriel said...

I have thought that this was a big lie, as always!

I'm so tired of so many false news, or lack of information of the ATLANTIC RECORD.

all we hear is:
"Soon you will hear the music, then you will have information on the album, soon THIS, soon THAT"

This's NOT legal,
WHY so much mystery?
all this is to do a great return?

No more promises,
and no more "soon "

sorry for this, but it has become a joke.

Revista said...

I think that's true!.
Because it has a radio the United States see the message

message:''New music coming soon from Toni Braxton keep listening to 102.7fm and checking for a sneak peek!''

this may be true

Anonymous said...

Toni Braxton releases her new single… Yesterday!

Click on the link below

Anonymous said...

Toni Braxton So Yesterday ?
This song is great
I've found lyrics:


Anonymous said...

A new "So Yesterday" dance remix coming soon by SIMON From DEEP DIVAS, an Italian DJ very very young, has only 25 years.

Jai Brandon said...

Can't wait to hear it :-)

Anonymous said...

The remix: Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

Anonymous said...

his is the Remix: