Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Toni Braxton's Album Preview Party

Singer Toni Braxton previewed her new album and debut from Atlantic Records last night (10/19) to an exclusive crowd in New York City. The album includes smoldering ballads and a few uptempos to keep her fans and competition on their toes. Among the favorites were, “No Way, No How,” “Make My Heart,” “Looking At You,” and the pop leaning ballad “Wait For You.”

The crowd, which included long time friend/fashion designer Marc Bouwer, was exceptionally pleased with the R&B-laden track, “Hands Tied,” and which Mrs. Braxton says, “I can love you with my hands tied, I can please you with my hands tied,” while on the track, “Not Enough (Woman),” she explains to her love, “All I needed was for you to tell me I’m beautiful but your not even talking at all.” Braxton’s current single, “Yesterday,” and remix featuring Trey Songz has been receiving a positive response with her album scheduled for release in February 2010.

Source: Groovevolt.com


rod grey said...

with all these positive reviews they can push the album forward to november or the latest december

that would b such good news

fritzma said...

Toni Braxton Is Looking Fierce..I am Loving the Positive Reviews she is getting...Can't wait for Yesterday Video..!

Anonymous said...

How many song they preview?
How many songs has teh album?
I wanna know everything!
Why his official fan club don't post these news?¿

Ibrahim said...

Finally i can sleep and no for sure ma gurl is back and going to rule like always!

Gabriel said...

I heard that the second picture is the album cover, is it?

i'm very excited!