Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pulse Official Tracklisting

Toni Braxton's highly anticipated new album PULSE is in stores and online everywhere May 4th! Check out the official tracklisting below, and click HERE to pre-order PULSE now! Choose from the deluxe and standard bundles, available only on ToniBraxton.com! You can also pre-order the album at Amazon.com (CD version) and Walmart.com (CD/DVD version) for $10.00 and $12.00 respectively.

1. Yesterday

2. Make My Heart

3. Hands Tied

4. Woman

5. If I Have To Wait

6. Lookin’ At Me

7. Wardrobe

8. Hero

9. No Way

10. Pulse

11. Why Won't You Love Me


"Czarny" chłopak said...

Where is "Rewind"? On 3rd week it was confirmed...

Jai Brandon said...

Im thinking Rewind is a bonus on Amazon.com version of the album. Walmart version has a dvd and I believe Target will have bonus tracks as well.