Monday, October 20, 2008

Autism will speak tonight!

Tonight, tune in to ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" to watch a special segment on Autism Speaks' national spokesperson, Toni Braxton. The show will feature a "day in the life of Toni Braxton," which includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Toni's recent video shoot for Autism Speaks' new Ad Council public service announcements (PSAs). 

Make sure to vote for Toni this week to keep her and autism awareness in the spotlight!

For more info about Autism Speaks, click here. 

Remember Toni and Alec Mazo need your votes tonight! 

Click here to vote! Vote until your limit is reached and then vote again from another e-mail account or phone line. (800-868-3403)

Dancing with the Stars Mon. 8/7 c. Eliminations Tue. 9/8.c on ABC.

PS Massachusetts residents you must vote at your regular times, however the show will not air there until 1:50 am. 

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