Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ready for the West Coast Swing?

Get ready for Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo to West Coast Swing it on Dancing with the Stars tomorrow. Here, Toni was spotted on her way to rehearsals. 

Thanks to Anonymous for the video. 

Here's a message from Alec Mazo's blog. 

Hi Guys; 
Thank you so much for your support last week, Toni and I appreciate the fact that you helped us get a chance to perform for you again this week. 
Here is just a short note to update you and let you know, what to expect on Monday night. 
As you may know, Toni and I will be performing the West Coast Swing, which is new to DWTS. What is great about that is that we can't be compared to past performances and we get to set the bar of course with Lacey and Lance. 
We were conventional last week so this week will try something different however there will still be a lot of swing in the program. We will be dancing to a Michael Jackson song, see if you can guess which one. 
Toni continues to amaze me with her work ethic and her progress. 
Please watch Monday night and VOTE for us, we are not finished yet, we have a lot more to show you. 
See you on DWTS. 

Remember to call (800-868-3403) and text in your votes for Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo on Dancing with the Stars tomorrow (3403) (ABC 8/7c. ).. Don't forget to catch the dancing couple on the Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow. 

Also in honor of Toni Braxton peep the throwback video of Toni and her sisters on BET's Video Soul. 


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see the West Coast Swing tonight!!! Toni Braxton is my hero. I think that she is so beautiful and graceful. I also hope that tonight is the last night where I have to watch Cloris attempt to dance. And I really do mean attempt. I can not wait for tonight's show! I am very much looking foward to tonight's show!!! Can't wait for DWTS tonight!!!!

Tonisloverboy said...

I agree with you 100%. I hope in the end it's Toni, Brooke, Warren and Lance, maybe Warren. From there Toni needs to BRING IT like it's never been BROUGHT!