Friday, November 7, 2008

Toni Braxton headlines Winter Tour

Toni Braxton, Lance Bass, Maurice Greene, and Marlee Matlin are confirmed to be headlining this winters Dancing with the Stars tour along with some of the show's pro's. Thoughts? 

Click here to purchase tickets. 


Cori Anson said...

I still think it is cool. I might miss out on seeing her again in person but will do my best. Hopefully no injuries. I thought it was funny how she forgot her dance routine on the night she was voted off the show. But she has done Vegas so it should be easy to remember her dance routines. All I really care about is getting the new album. I am so excited about it coming out next year.

Tonisloverboy said...

Lol.. Did she forget a dance routine? I thought that was during the Rumba where she messed up a step? I don't know I thought her West Coast Swing was GREAT and so was her moonwalk. I am excited too about all that I am hearing about her new project with Atlantic. They seem to be very impressed with the material. Fingers crossed. I will try to make it to the DWTS tour just to see Toni of course. Thanks for your comments!

Cori Anson said...

On the night she was voted off and they asked her to dance the routine from the night before as a farewell dance she said that she forgot it. She was allowed to dance whatever she wanted. She was disappointed and probably as shocked as most of us of her unexpected and untimely dismissal.

I am glad you put a link on your site for tickets. I am definitely saving up to get the best seat I can. I might get lucky to meet her again as I did in Vegas at her show.

Tonisloverboy said...

OOOH Yeah that was funny. lol... I hope you (and I) both get lucky and get to meet her again. She's such a nice person.