Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toni Braxton Returns to Dancing with the Stars

Toni Braxton will return to ABC for the Dancing with the stars two-hour finale on tuesday. Toni will join the rest of season 7 castoffs and finalists as some lucky finalist is awarded the coveted "Dancing with the Stars" mirror ball trophy. Throughout the two hour finale, the previous eliminated couples will return to perform their finale dances of the season. Musical guests include Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus. 

Dancing with the Stars finale airs on ABC tuesday night 9/8c. 


Cori Anson said...

I heard about this. Glad that she will be able to come back and show some of the moves that she will use on the tour. Hope everyone was able to get tickets. Wasn't able to get seats that I wanted but I will be there no the less.

Tonisloverboy said...

Likewise. I didn't get the seats I wanted because the VIP table seats you need to have a party of 4 or multiples of 4. And since I'm going solo that's a no no. But I will be there. Holla! I can't wait to see Toni again.

Cori Anson said...

So that was the secret. I was gunning for those VIP seats. Guess I better get more friends next time. I wonder if she will sing as it was rumored.

Tonisloverboy said...

Another secret. The day of the show. If you know somebody in Toni's camp or anybody involved in the show ask if they can up your seats (that's my plan) if not also try asking one of the ushers if there are any empty seats (they usually are, but you have to pay extra, but either way you don't end up paying as much as people who originally bought the good seats.)

As far as I know she will be singing a few of her songs. They did the same thing for Marie Osmond last year (she sang maybe like 2 songs.) And danced in a few numbers.