Saturday, December 13, 2008

Details on Toni Braxton's Atlantic Deal

A source close to Toni Braxton has revealed exclusively to TBO that Toni has finished recording 17 songs for her as-yet-to-be-titled debut album from Atlantic Records! The sultry R&B singer plans to record 10 more songs for the project.

An “incomplete” track titled “Melt” surfaced from the recording session last month and was rumored to be the first single off the album. Our sources tell us that Melt was recorded back in April and will not be the first single off the album.

Currently Mrs. Braxton is rehearsing for the DWTS tour kicking off December 17th in San Diego, CA. The R&B singer hopes that the tour will help her rebuild in order to promote her upcoming projects with Atlantic Records, including 90 minute shows for her loyal fans.

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Cori Anson said...

Not sure if I am happy to hear about 17 songs recorded because we may not get to hear them all. But glad that they are at the point of downselecting.

Tonisloverboy said...

Yeah. I am glad she's doing 27 songs and will choose the best. That way we know the album will be great. The more options to chose from the better the album.

Anonymous said...