Friday, December 5, 2008

Toni Braxton's Health Scare and Surgery Update

Toni Braxton didn't join her fellow Dancing with the Stars competitors on the parquet for the show's finale because of a cancer scare, her spokesman confirmed to

The singer, whose bid for the winners' disco ball with pro partner Alec Mazo ended in Week 5, had surgery to remove a lump from her breast after she was cut from the competition, and was still recovering during the season closer on November 25. The lump, luckily, was benign.

Braxton, who also braved the Dancing floor despite a heart condition, had discovered the lump last summer, before rehearsals even began. Her doctor suspected that it wasn't yet harmful, yet recommended that she undergo surgery at the time — advice that she rejected until her stint was over.

Despite her health issues, Braxton's stamina was notable during her dancing stint. "I was very impressed because I didn't expect Toni to show as much energy as she did," Mazo said just after their exit. His multiple Grammy-winning partner is expected to go on Dancing's tour.



Cori Anson said... Had no idea that she had to deal with that. We gotta find a way to deal with this issue rather than have NASA worry about how to have sex and raise children in space.

Tonisloverboy said...

Yeah I know!!! I know back in Feb 08 when she was on The View she talked about having the scare and how everything was okay. I guess she decided to have the lump removed and checked out as a second precautionary. Glad it went okay. My mom had breast cancer and it was a rough time for us all.