Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Toni Braxton Talks With Sister 2 Sister Magazine

Toni Braxton talks with Sister 2 Sister Publisher Jamie Foster Brown backstage during the "Dancing With the Stars" tour. Toni gives an update on the progress of her son Diezel, who is autistic, and explains how she and DWTS dance partner Alec Mazo got along on the show despite conflicting religious views.


Slick85 said...

Well there you have it, Toni's a christian. I'm surprised she talked about religion, been such a long time since she's mentioned anything of the sort. Toni making me all laugh at work, well I held it in but something about when Toni talking always making me laugh. I'm sad she didn't ask about the new album =( so we could here some more lies from Toni lol.

Tonisloverboy said...

Haha Richard ure so stupid. She probably did ask about the album but just didn't show us. It was during intermission so I guess she couldn't get a full interview. Well I'm glad they got along regardless. I do know it does bring a bit of strain when I'm around people who are non-believers.

Gabriel said...

I don't like when she uses this wig..
I prefer when she's natural hair or of extension capillary, but not wig;
sorry, but is true!

Anonymous said...

Finally! I'm no longer wondering... So she's said it, she's a christian. I usedto wonder- being a Paster's kid (pk) and all- she's never mentioned it really, which being a R&B artist, I understand. I NEED THAT NEW ALBUM TONI!!! :)