Saturday, February 28, 2009

Toni Braxton's Camp Issues Apology Over Impostor

Toni Braxton's camp has issued an apology for an impostor who impersonated the hit singer in a concert in Suriname.

On Friday night, a woman, named Trina Johnson (pictured above impersonating Toni Braxton), signed a secret contract to 'play' Toni Braxton in Suriname unbeknown to the Surinamese people. The leader of the organisation, Angel Ventura, from Trinidad fooled the eager audience at the show. At first Trina told the media that she's the manager of Toni Braxton. At the night of the show everybody was confused to see the same lady coming on stage to perform as the real Toni Braxton. The Surinamese policemen are still investigating this case. Meanwhile Toni Braxton is at hard work on her 2009 comeback scheduled by Atlantic Records.

As Toni and her camp were notified of the situation, this statement was issued. "Many apologies to the fans for the mis representation, we are working on finding out exactly what happened and what the whole situation was."

For official news on Toni Braxton please check her official website, her atlantic website (click here), or check Toni's official fansite (click here) and of course my blog, where you can find the latest up to date accurate information on Toni Braxton.

Update: The police have arrested Trina Johnson and her husband. The whereabouts of Angel Ventura remain unclear at the moment.


Anonymous said...

They should be ashamed of themselves. Trying to bank off of Toni's name. Toni looks way prettier than that and sounds way better.

Anonymous said...

I wish Toni and Braxton and her "people" would help Miss Johnson get released from prison in Suriname.

If they would read the information and look at the evidence they would see that she was wprking as a cellebrity impersonator and at no time claiming to actually be Toni Braxton.

Someone needs to help Trina. If Toni Braxton's fans could hear her say that she wants Toni to be released, maybe they could pursuade the government in Suriname to release her.

Anonymous said...

i myself am a celebrity impersonator and have been hired many times to perform to a crowd of people that may or may not have been told by the client if i was the "real thing" or not. it is our job to perform as the artist that we impersonate. it is not our job to make sure that the client has done THEIR job of communicating the truth. what is happening to trina is sad and scary, but most of all frustrating that people are casting stones because they don't understand the entertainment industry. what if this was you....locked up abroad indefinitely? do something to help her....and for God's sake, pray!

Tonisloverboy said...

I don't know the details of the situation. So I am staying out of it. It's unfortunate but I am sure the truth will come to light. All I will say is read your contracts more clearly and be careful.