Monday, May 25, 2009

Toni Braxton - The Party Don't Stop!

Toni Braxton sure knows how to party! Vegas was the place to be over the weekend but if you wanted to be among some hot celebs, you had to be at Bank NightClub. Toni Braxton along with her sister Tamar and husband Keri were holding court at the Vegas club in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. Also spotted were Tyrese, Nelly, Big Boi who came to party.

View more pics here at wireimage.


Anonymous said...

Looking good Toni and Tamar is working it in them shoes. Tyrese no comment, he is not an attractive man to me at all.

Gabriel said...

Toni is so beautiful and radiant... I like see her smiling.
That's my girl.

the sandal of Tamar seems a carnival seasoning, but it is beautiful.

Jai Brandon said...

This was such a good weekend. I had fun just watching Toni have fun LOL. But on the real it's good to see her out and about and enjoying life. Waiting patiently on that comeback.

dzemil said...

i wonder why they were celebrating 3 nights in a row? hmmm. it;s nice to see her out, but you know we wont see her anywhere for the next 3 months. lol shes gonna go hid again untill the cd drops.

Anonymous said...

Dzemil I was about to say the same thing. Toni Braxton always appears out of nowhere and just as quick as she appears she disappears. Love her anyway and hope her album is coming out soon. The time is now.

Anonymous said...

is that a cigar or sumthin between her fingers or what? I'm confrused... yes, confRused! Lol..