Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Toni Braxton Records With Hitmaker Stargate

Megastar Toni Braxton pictured above with husband Keri Lewis at the Grand opening Ceremony of City Of Dreams, Macau has added hit producer Stargate to pin a song or two on her highly anticipated Atlantic Records debut. For those who have been in la la land, the sultry songstress is planning a huge comeback at the end of this year. According to Internet speculation Braxton is set to release her brand new single at the end of June. The Dancing with the Stars alum was most recently rumored to be recording a duet with singer Ginuwine. The As-Yet-To- Be-Titled disk is expected to be released at the end of this year.


Gabriel said...

I thought the album was already finished.
We're back to zero.
Oh God, gimme strength.

rod grey said...

we r not back at zero
we will get the single in two weeks
the least is a date for the single
but i just know we will get the single

Gabriel said...

I hope this time it's true,
rather than a story without end.
I think two weeks is sooo long, lol,
but ok, i'll be patient and nice.

Jai Brandon said...

Me too Gabe. I know the surprise is here so hopefully it can be all cleared in two weeks what ever that surprise is :) .. There's always rules and do's and don'ts so again finger's crossed!

And no not at ground zero most of what Toni is doing at this point is completing tracks and adding more dynamics to things already recorded. Plus a track here and there. So the bulk of it is done... Plus we have some time before the album actually releases.

Gabriel said...

I know it's not right, I know it is not clear!
but please, I whish sooo the lyrics of "pulse" ..
you sent me?
I would be eternally grateful to you my Boy.

but i don't want to be against the law, if you can't do this, I understand.

Jai Brandon said...

Have to wait for the album release buddy! :) Will be worth the wait.

Gabriel said...

OK, I understand you, and I'll respect it..
but did u heard the song "pulse"?

This song talks about death?
or a great love that pass away?

well, was what sounded to me ears.

Anonymous said...

Love passing away

Gabriel said...

then this song will be as wonderful as "un-break my heart."
It's will be a remake, and it makes me so excited.

thanks guys,
and when you can send me the lyrics, I would type: "Damn boy, you are the best for sure."


Anonymous said...

I cannot send the lyrics for several reasons. But it should be including in the album booklet. ;)