Thursday, June 4, 2009

Toni Braxton: The Wait Is Over!

Toni Braxton has just about completed her long awaited comeback album. Hear it from Toni herself! The sultry diva sat down for a one on one interview with Byron Allen to discuss her latest album. Braxton revealed that she is scheduled to fly to New York to complete a song then head to Miami to finalize the last song for the album. More to come from Toni Braxton soon. 

Click here for the interview. 


rod grey said...

not untill we get a lead single or the full album
however i feel so good to get this news

Jai Brandon said...

Yes indeed almost. Hopefully the wait will officially be over in July. Let's hope.

Anonymous said...

I just HATE that I cannot view this!!!!! :( new link???

Jai Brandon said...

For those who cannot view>

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jai Brandon for the youtube link! Can't wait for Toni's new LP!!! The waiting is killing me, tho!